Thursday, March 20, 2008

photo mumi duyung

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friendship and love hamsters photo

A lovely pic that shows the definition of love and friendship in a single photo. It definitely is photoshopped since the hamsters used in the photo are one of the same but it is still a touching photo with a great message from the artist.

Do Fairies live at the bottom of your garden?

Maybe not anymore, but a recent discovery would suggest that they probably did. What appear to be the mummified remains of a fairy have been discovered in the Derbyshire countryside.

The 8 inch remains complete with wings; skin, teeth and flowing red hair have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm that the body is genuine. X-rays of the 'fairy' reveal an anatomically identical skeleton to that of a child. The bones however, are hollow like those of a bird making them particularly light. The puzzling presence of a navel even suggests that the beings reproduce the same as humans despite the absense of reproductive organs.

The remains were discovered by a local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, while walking his dog along an old Roman road situated between the villages of Duffield and Belper.

photo hoax < mata kucing>

Camel spiders

Have you seen this picture and read the usual accompanying story about "camel spiders" or "Fallujah spiders" in Iraq that anesthetize and eat people alive? This is a hoax. The arachnids in the picture are not spiders, they are solpugids and they have no venom. They eat roly-poly bugs, crickets, and scorpions. And they aren't just in Iraq; they are found in deserts. There are some in the southwest U.S. Also, notice that the picture was taken to make these arachnids look bigger. Compare them to the partial hand on the right instead of the leg behind.

photo gallery of MERMAID


Snowball the Monster Cat

This photo began circulating around the internet in early 2000. A caption explained that the cat was Snowball, an 87-pound behemoth whose mother had lived near a nuclear power plant. In reality, the cat was named Jumper and was normal-sized. Its owner created the image as a joke to share with a few friends, never realizing that the joke would spread beyond his control and end up being shared by millions of e-mail users.

PHOTO hoax ,The Jackalope

The jackalope is a species of antlered rabbit. It is known to be highly aggressive, willing to use its antlers to fight. Thus, it is also sometimes called the "warrior rabbit." In this picture, which appeared on a postcard of indeterminate age, a pair of Jackalope scan the horizon of a field in Colorado. Jackalopes are a popular subject of postcards in western states. Read more about the jackalope here.

HOAX photo gallery, Haulin Em Out

The photographer Frank D. "Pop" Conard of Garden City, Kansas was considered to be the master of the 'whopper hopper' genre of postcards. In this image by Conard a farmer hauls out a particularly large hopper specimen.

photo hoax the Whopper Hopper

Giant grasshoppers were popular subjects for tall-tale postcards, particularly in the Great Plains during the 1930s where grasshoppers were a common pest. This scene was captured by an unknown photographer near Mitchell, South Dakota. Three men struggle to subdue "the largest grasshopper in existence."

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